B@A-B@A's was 'born' on a Thursday afternoon in November 2010. My original idea for the Christmas Market in Montagu (our home town) was only to tie a nice ribbon around these cute little lambs neck, but they wanted to be dressed. I rushed to the fabric shop in town to buy some fabric and net, because one was demanding to be a ballerina, and started to sew. I had absolutely NO sewing experience and borrowed a sewing machine from my mother to try this "spur of the moment" idea.


What was supposed to be a "once off something" turned into a wonderful hobby and now a successful little business and I am loving every second of it. Everything about these little 'teddy like" sheep are HANDMADE, that result in not one looking like the other even if they are dressed exactly the same. There are those who are shy, grumpy, happy and all cute and cuddly. They are 55cm tall and are all equipped with a little jingle bell on the neck, are dressed in light pastel colours for the girls and shades of blue and denim for the boys.


Everyone who gets to meet or have a little B@A-B@A absolutely loves them!


These little lambs are from the Little Karoo on Route 62

and PROUDLY South African